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July 2016

group beach 2

Committed Breathers!

Unlimited Breath exchange session

Unlimited Breath exchange session

Supporting a Breather!

Supporting a Breather!

Doing an Unlimited Breath session on your own.

Doing an Unlimited Breath session on your own.

warm ocean breathing exchange-7

Ready to breathe in the Pacific Ocean.

Monica breathing session on beach-4

There is lots of room to breathe here.

warm ocean breathing exchange-6

Completing the Unlimited Breath sessions on the beach.

cold river breathing-5

Cold Water breathing is Body Mastery!

cold river breathing-3

Doing Cold Water Breathing in the Ballena river.

cold river breathing-6

Cold water Natural Breathing

cold river breathing-2

Cold water breathing is about breathing more!

cold river breathing-1

Cold water Natural Breathing helps you to be more aware.

cold river breathing janet

Cold water Natural Breathing is FUN!

group beach-1

You Should Be Here!

Teacher's preparation time.

Teacher’s preparation time.


Jon teaches at Manoas


Safe place to open up your heart.


Costa Rica classroom

Jon and Arne

The Teachers

Ballena park entrance group

We the entrance of the Whale Tale beach.

Boat tour group start

Walking on the Whale Tail beach

Boat tour Monica and Arne

Arne and Monica enjoying the sun and sea

Boat tour snack

The boat ride

Boat tour snorkeling Ella and Akul

Aluk and Ella snorkeling

Boat tour snorkeling John

Snorkeling John

Boat tour snorkeling Jon

Jon can snorkel

Boat tour snorkeling Monica

Happy snorkler

Boat tour snorkeling-2

Snorkeling in Paradise

Corcovado beach

Beaching Corcovado’s National Park

Corcovado lunch place-1

Pura Vida in Corcovado’s National park

Corcovado lunch place-3

Everyone likes Pura Vida

Corcovado trail-1

Corcovado trail with much to see and experience

Corcovado waterfall arne and Monica

Enjoying a wonderful waterfall in the National park

Corcovado waterfall group

Mother Nature bathes us in her abundance!

Corcovado waterfall Ella

Breathtaking scenery

Canopy Tour before

Canopy Tour time!

Flying instructions

Flying instructions

Canopy Tour Arne

Arne is going for it!

Canopy Tour bridge

Canopy bridge challenge

Canopy Tour getting started

John is patient and courteous as always.

Canopy Tour getting started-2

Canopy jumping off platform.

Canopy Tour in to the jungle-1






Canopy Tour group after

Feeling invigorated grateful!

Horeseback riding group ready

Here we are holding our horses

Horseback Riding Aluk

Aluk seems comfortable riding on her high horse!

Horseback Riding Arne and Jon

Thank you horses for your support!

Horseback Riding group

Exploring the jungle

Horseback Riding Janet and Ella

These fine ladies are on purpose.

Horseback riding John

John on his Admiral looking horse.

Horseback Riding Lunch

Jungle lunch

Horseback Riding Trail 2

The trails takes us deep in to the jungle.

Horseback Riding trail

And deeper.

Nauyaca Falls group-2-500px

Nauyaca waterfall is amazing.



Nauyaca Falls group-500px

Nauyaca waterfall is fun.

Nauyaca Falls lower

Nauyaca lower waterfall







Nauyaca Falls upper Janet

Janet and Nauyaca upper waterfall

Nauyaca Falls upper John

John at the Nauyaca upper waterfall

Nauyaca Falls upper Jon and Arne-1

Jon and Arne have thumbs up for the Nauyaca upper falls

Delicious breakfast at Manoas.

Delicious breakfast at Manoas.

Dinner time

Dinner at Manoas

Arne - Jon - Monica celebrating