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How do you Register?

  • Go to http://
  • Call Jon: US (515) 244-8535 or
  • Arne: US (772) 380-4979 Costa Rica (506) 8311-1221

How do you pay?

  • Deposit: US $500 (to hold your space)
  • Registration (all inclusive*): US $5,295
  • Early Registration: US $4,495
  • (For locals discounts, contact us.)

What is included:

  • The Unlimited Breath 100-hour Workshop Intensive, teaching, guidance and support;
  • All local group travels and excursions (not including your travel from your home city to San Jose, Costa Rica and back);
  • Double occupancy lodging;
  • Three Meals per day (You can order special food if you know your preferences and let us know in advance);
  • All Adventure fees.

What is not included in the price:
Travel between your home and San Jose, Costa Rica; Some airlines charge a $29 exit tax, for your return flight; Optional tipping; Your personal shopping;

How much extra money should you bring?
All places in Costa Rica accept both US dollars and Colones, so you do not need to exchange US dollars to Colones (but you could, since this would favor your exchange rate). You can use credit cards almost everywhere and we even have an ATM machine in town, but your bank usually charges an extra fee for withdrawals.

Even though you don’t need any extra money, once you join our group, you might want to bring some gifts home or buy something on a spur of the moment or do some tipping. Most people will bring between $200 to $500, unless you want to make large purchases.

How do you get to and back from San Jose, Costa Rica?
You have to arrange your own flights. Be aware of your arrival and departure times in San Jose, because you need to fit your flight schedule, with our pick up and delivery times at the airport.

If you chose a different travel arrangement and arrive earlier or leave later, let us know of your arrival to our rendezvous point near Osa Mountain Village, so we can pick you up there.

Should you get insurance?
We don’t foresee any problem for you personally or in general in relationship to this journey to Costa Rica. However, some say insurance is a good thing to have.

Do I need a Visa?
Costa Rica requires visa from people from a handful of countries, but most people don’t need one. 

If you are from the US or any of the European countries, you will get a 90 day visa when you go through Immigration in Costa Rica. Usually, the only thing they require is a return ticket out of Costa Rica. In the US, this is handled when you check in with your airline. They will not let you on the plane unless you have a return ticket.

In June, the weather on the Pacific side of Costa Rica is warm and sunny, with occasional rain showers.

Health questions:
You don’t need any special vaccinations to travel in Costa Rica, although, occasionally we have heard of people who have had vaccinations.

Costa Rica is not clean, but most shops, restaurants and hotels have taken precautions to accommodate foreigners.

Definitely bring some Sunscreen and lip-screen.

If you are sensitive to bugs, bring some bug spray too.

If you need any special medications, you need to bring that.

Suggested packing and clothing:
Since the weather is warm we suggest you pack airy comfortable clothes for workshop times, excursions, and relaxing dinners;

Good shoes for our Canopy Tour and horseback riding; Clogs, Keen or the like for the beach and river experiences;

You need a bathing suit and beach towel, as well as snorkel and nose-plug for the water breathing sessions.

A personal refillable water bottle, a flash light and a yoga-mat can be useful.

If you have particular snacks you like, like Trailmix or the like, you can bring some of those too.

Most people take a lot of photographs. Remember that we will be in a humid environment. Maybe your Smartphone camera is enough, but the GoPro cameras are commonly used here.

Costa Rica doesn’t have much shopping, but occasionally you may find something you like.

Phone and Internet:
We have WiFi Internet in our hotel. WiFi is also available here and there, you probably have to ask for Passcodes.

Your regular phone plan doesn’t work in Costa Rica. You might be able to use your phone, but that would be with high Roaming costs. I have heard that texting can be added at an extra cost.

Ask your provider what the best option is for you.

Also, ask your friends to not call you, but to email, Skype or Facebook you, during your time here.

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