Natural Breathing Workshops

The Natural Breathing workshops are Experiential and Transformational, set in an INTERACTIVE and ENGAGING Environment, both Offline and Online.

These workshops include extremely powerful, yet safe and supportive tools for self-exploration, personal healing, spiritual awakening and Professional Training.

Natural Breathing workshops provide EDUCATION, EXERCISES and INTEGRATION to: 

  • Uncover and Release Your Limiting Self
  • Become a Conscious Creator and Master Your Creative Self
  • Live a Meaningful Life where you Wake Up to Your Real Self

You’ll learn how to conquer the unavoidable 6 Challenges appearing on your Life-journey. We investigate many fundamental-to-life topics, based on the cutting-edge 2 Pillars – Natural Breathing to Master your Breath and Creative Questions to Master Your Mind.

In the workshop you’ll first be given each topic’s crucial information, followed by a personal internal exercise and experience and finally we share and discuss our findings, so they can get deeply integrated.

Natural Breathing offers a progression of workshops for you to Own Your Self.

Depending on your prior experience and how you want to grow with Natural Breathing you can choose from the following workshops:


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