From over 30 years of producing and teaching
Natural Breathing internationally
the following is what we have found to work best.

  1. First we make the plan and agreement.
  2. Then we schedule the event.
  3. We create the event.
  4. We deliver the event.
  5. We celebrate.

The Natural Breath workshops:

“The Power of Your Unlimited Breath” Introductory weekend workshop, which can be a Friday evening (7 pm-10 pm, Saturday and Sunday (9:30 am – 5:30 pm) or Saturday and Sunday (9 am – 6 pm).

Two Unlimited Breath sessions included.

The Tuition is $395 or Early Bird $295.


“Your Six Gifts to Empowered Living” Six Workshop Series (The full 220 pages Unlimited Breath Manual). This is taught as 6 workshops over 6 months with about 1 weekend workshop / month or all combined into a 10-Day Intensive (daily 9 am – 9 pm).

The 4th workshop of these 6 workshop series includes 2 hot water sessions and require a hot water breathing facility (such as a hot tub or the like).

The 6th workshop of this 6 workshop series includes 2 cold water sessions and require a cold water breathing facility.

Tuition is $2,495 and Early Bird $1,995.


Producer is responsible for:

– Bringing participants to the workshop.

– All marketing costs and workshop space arrangements and costs.

– Providing workshop writing board, paper and markers, Kleenex, and yoga mats, or the like, to sit and lay on.

– Picking up the Teacher(s) from the airport and delivering them back there.


Teacher(s) are responsible for:

– The workshop information material.

– Teaching of the workshop.


Producer receives all profits after all expenses and teacher(s) are paid their fee(s).


What teacher(s) require is:

    • Travel and lodging expenses. Regular flights are OK and comfortable living accommodations, such as a hotel room or nice bedroom in the Producers home.
  • Teaching fee(s) is $2000 per weekend workshop per teacher.
  • If there are 30 or more paying participants, then the payment structure will be percentage based, with 50% to producer and 50% to the teachers, of the total Gross Income, and producer and teachers pay their own expenses.

(Whether we have more than 1 teacher present depends on:
– The amount of paying students.
– A producer’s request for 2 teachers, which will be considered as long as the schedules accommodate).


The content of each workshop is described in more detail at:

Teachers are also available for private sessions around the workshops.

We have an internet payment system setup, so if you want to use that you may or you can use your own.


Let us know of any questions and to progress.

Looking forward to work with you on the amazing Natural Breathing Healing Journey.

Arne and Monica