The intention with Natural Breathing is to recognize our True Self, which includes connecting with well-being, fulfillment, happiness and abundance. This journey, also automatically reverses any conscious mis-learning and uproot any sub-conscious material.

What is the Right Way to Breathe to access the full power of the breath?
There are many theories and explanations, but it seems to me that they are based on that we are created with a faulty Breathing System that the mind can fix, so it can do a better job.

How do we know what is true Natural Breathing?
Watching how we actually breathe, when we ‘stop holding our breath’ and ‘get out of the way’, might give us a clue. This happens when we sigh, yawn, sneeze, have emotions, laugh, jog, fall asleep, etc. THE BREATHING CHANGES BY ITSELF to NATURAL BREATHING.

It stands to reason, that these changes in the way we breath, when we get off guard, indicates what our breathing really wants to do, when it is not controlled, but set free.