You can do this when you want to feel more awake and energized.

And, it will give you an indication of the power of Natural Breathing and how you can use it to improve your health, success and life.

  • Become AWARE of your body and notice your breathing…
  • Become aware of the air coming in and out of your MOUTH…
  • Allow your Inhale to fill up your UPPER CHEST.
  • Breathe DEEPER and FASTER. (Add a little passion into your breathing.)

When you start to feel light-headed or tingling (which happens within a minute if you breathe more than you are inclined to) go back to letting your body decide how it wants to breathe. (= Do not continue to make yourself breathe more.)

Enjoy your heightened sensations. It might surprise you to realize that breathing fully can bring in such a strong experience.