Why Do We Resists Death More Than Going to Sleep?

Why do we gladly let go into sleep, but fear death?

When we learn to “Own Our Self” we let go of our limitations, leaving us with more aliveness, which will be highlighting any remaining issues we have, ending with our final limitation, i.e. our beliefs about death.

When we let go into sleep:
– We don’t know where we are going.
– We believe we will wake up and be in the same place, as we are in before we are going out, but we don’t truly know.
– We do not expect to be able to go back into the life we have dreamed of, once we wake up.

When we die:
– We don’t know where we are going.
– We don’t expect to wake up and be back at the same place as before going out.
– We do not expect to be able to get back to our old life.

So, the difference seems to be based on what we expect to happen, after we let go into the unknown, even though, it is exactly the same process of letting go – whether trusting or fearing.

An alternative can be to view our incessant, ever-changing experiences, as fleeting ADVENTURES.

Don’t Breathe Like An Animal!

Humans and animals constantly engage in certain breathing patterns.

As the breath is the link between the physical and the non-physical (Source), this knowledge gives Human Beings a unique opportunity to realize our non-physical Source Foundation.

You Can Choose Natural Breathing and meet your True Self.